Wedgewood Pond

Wedgwood pond is on of the larger bodies of water in The Woodlands and is located at 42 Wedgewood Forest Drive, 77381. The pond was built in 1981 and only contains a small pavilion and benches located around the pond. The pond is relatively clear and seems to be fairly deep in the middle. There were numerous herons and water fowl prowling the waters edge which I tend to treat as a good sign. There is also a spill way on the south east side of the lake which I believe feeds Lake Woodlands. There was a significant amount of top water action in the spillway on the day I visited and I managed to pull out a couple of small bass on a 6 inch dark purple worm. Fishing over by the pavilion I also caught a couple of 6-8 inch bass using a Rapala minnow. Overall, Wedgewood pond is well landscaped with plenty of room for fly fishing. There are some overhanging trees and cypress trees here and there which look as though they would hold fish. Parking is limited to parking in the street on the south side in front of the houses.