Reedy Pond

Reedy Pond (aka Gosling Pond or Mooney Pond) is one of my favorite places to fish in The Woodlands. I have only caught small bass and catfish so far but local fisherman I have run into suggest that some big cats & bass have been pulled out of here. Within the last 9 months this pond has started living up to its name as the reeds and cat-tails have taken over. There are currently only a few open spots around the pond to fish. My personal favorite is the spot where the pond constrains into a 10 foot channel between the small northern section of the pond and the larger southern portion. From here you can access both sides and fish from shallow to deep on the opposing side. It is common to see bass suspended about 3 feet off the bank in the mornings. Several times I have been here and watched bass cruise through the channel from north to south. In general you will find the usual suspects here: Catfish, Bass, and of course bluegill. I personally have had the best luck with Texas rigged 6" plastic purple worms. For catfish hot dogs seems to work well but I am sure shrimp, chicken liver, and stink bait would work just as well or better. Bluegill can be found in mass over by drainage outflows located on the west side of the pond.

If you are not having any luck fishing you can always try to find two local geocaches that are located on the North and South end of this pond. (