Lake Paloma

Update 3/30/2015

This is the 3rd(possibly 2nd) largest body of water within The Woodlands behind Lake Woodlands and Bear Branch Reservoir. The lake was constructed around 2007 and is located within the new village of Creekside. Rob Flemming park is located at 6055 Creekside Forest Drive and offers convenient parking, a boat launch, a park, and a top notch pool (with lazy river) for the kids. Unfortunately, this location does not seem to be a good spot to fish as I could not find any structure here. This side of the lake has been carefully constructed with a molded wall along the bank, meandering side walk, and trimmed grass which goes down to the bank. Looking at the lake from google maps the lake is long and meandering yet not as wide as lake woodlands or bear branch but it is big with several coves to explore. There are houses built along the lakes edge and I am unsure if these banks are accessible.

Well it has been 6 years since the initial post for this lake. I had hoped we would be hauling 6lb bass out of here by now. I suspect their are perhaps 1 or 2 but as many fisherman report the bass bite is down. Despite moderate water clarity a couple of years ago, grass carp have been added to the lake. This has resulted in an immediate return to the muddy conditions when this lake opened and complete destruction of whatever water clarifying grasses had made this lake home.

Look forward to future reports, and hopefully a healthier lake!

Have you had any luck here? Please let us know!