Forest Lake

This neighborhood pond can be difficult to find, and lacks many of the amenities of the typical Woodlands pond. You will need to park down one of the sub-division streets and walk here(50-60 yards). For starters you can only fish about 20% of the pond as the remaining 80% is fenced off and considered private property. There does not seem to be much structure within this pond, though there are a number of overhanging trees. I picked up a small(6-8 inch) bass on a 6 inch green plastic worm about 3 feet offshore. I had a few other hits, one which was pretty strong all very close to shore on the same worm. Other than the small bass and a few hits, I was not seeing much until a few people came by and tossed about a 1/2 loaf of bread in the water. After about 10 minutes the bread was being attacked by bluegill and 3-4 nice sized catfish(see the pics above). It looks like there are some better fishing spots on the private property side of the pond as well.