Creekwood Pond

Updated Post: 10/10/2009 Location: 3383 S. Panther Creek Drive 77381 Year Built : 1978

Home of the 1st & 2nd annual kids catfish derby, this pond is tucked away across from McCullough Junior High School. According to The Woodlands Association this pond was THE first park acquired in the Woodlands back in 1978. All sections of the pond are accessible from the bank; however, it appears that the wider(and likely deeper) section of the pond is where most fish were taken. The west bank is landscaped with grass and a wooden deck while the east bank has been left alone with the exception of a park bench. The pond starts out a little shallow and then gradually becomes deeper. Based on fishing the bottom with a plastic worm there appears to be a fair amount of structure(likely downed trees & branches) in the middle of the lake and here and there off the banks. There is also a 8-10 foot band of water weed submerged about 6-8feet deep and about 8 feet offshore. This band seems to go around the lake but is thinner on the west bank. I did not see any top water action while I was there but this could be the time of year.

On my first trip here, in the early morning, I landed a 2 - 21/2 lb one eyed bass on the east bank by the overhanging tree. I was using a 6 inch dark green worm and was working it through the band of weeds mentioned above. The strike occurred perhaps 10-12 feet offshore. I stopped by to take some pictures a couple of days later and watched a couple of fisherman bring up a 3-4lb catfish using night crawlers and casting into the middle of the pond. Based on some trash I picked up around the North end of the pond shrimp appear to be a good bait for catfish here as well.

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