Cokeberry Pond

Initial Post: 1/17/2010 Acquired: 1992

Cokeberry is a large pond just off South Millbend in Grograns Mill. Unfortunately only about 10% of this pond is accessible because it has been gated off by the homes in the area. On the south side of the pond you will find 2 benches and trash can and the typical Woodlands pseudo dock/landing. The wind was blowing out of the North today and it appeared to me that all of the debris, and algae was trapped at the south end. The water was cloudy with a thin layer of green algae floating on the top. There are several bald cypress trees along the banks but they appear to have been trimmed and really do not offer much cover along the waters edge. The trees do make it difficult to cast and it appears that the tree on the far right has a nice lure collection (including one of mine). There are fewer trees at the North end of the pond and the water appeared to be clearer. I am not sure what type of fish are in here as I did not catch anything for the hour I was here. I did see a 6-7 inch dead perch floating against the shore. I tried a Rattle-Trap, live worms and 2 different 6 inch plastic worms, one purple the other green, on Carolina and Texas Rig. I did not get a bite on either side of the pond. Both sides seemed to be fairly shallow with little structure or vegetation. What little vegetation there was on both sides was right along the first 2 feet of the bank in shallow water and appeared to be dead, likely due to the recent freeze. I did see some small minnows on the North end which was a good sign.

This seems like it would be a good pond to fish if you have a kayak or canoe. The pond also appears to be one of the larger ponds (4 1/2 acres) in The Woodlands and you can park close to the water(on the street). Given the age of the pond and the fact that you cannot access 90% of this pond from the public shore there are probably some big ones out in the middle off the points.

Have you had any luck here? Let us know what is here!