Capstone Pond

Initial Post: 10/24/2009

Capstone pond is medium sized pond located at 155 Capstone Circle, 77381. The pond was built in 1994 and is part of a larger park complex. Parking is relatively easy on the street or in a dedicated parking lot. The pond is about 50% landscaped and 50% natural with overhanging trees. There seems to be a thick mat of aquatic plant(coontail?) about 5-8 feet offshore all around this lake. On the north end of the pond the surface is about 20% covered with vegetation. While visiting the pond, I ran into 3 other fisherman at various intervals which suggests this pond probably gets hit pretty hard. One fisherman pulled a 1 1/2 -2lb bass from a downed tree, on a black jig while another hooked up a small one on a white spinner. The water was very clear and the pond seems rather shallow with underwater structure in the form of weed beds or downed trees.

Park Amenities: Large Pavilion, picnic tables, bbq pits, basketball court, tennis courts and play areas

Fish Population: Bass, Perch and Catfish(?)

Let us know what you have caught here!