Lake Harrison

Initial Post: 11/22/2009

This lake is tucked behind and around the Grograns Mill shopping center. It is a fairly large lake with the Grogans Mill shopping center on the south side and The Woodlands Resort on the North side. The lake is bisected by The Woodlands Resort at a narrow channel. Much of the bank around the Lake appears inaccessible. On the East end of the lake behind Becks Prime there are some picnic tables and a trail behind the buildings along the bank. This side of the lake appears to be very shallow. 10 feet from the bank is probably only 12-18 inches deep. This is a bit disappointing because when you first get here it appears as though there is some excellent structure overhanging and in the water but it is only 6 inches deep.

After poking around on the South East side of the lake I made my way through Grogans Mill center seeking the larger western side. I was dismayed to run into a large wall with a No Entry/Trespass sign. The fence appeared to go all the way down the back of the Grogans Mill center. I was about to give up on this lake given that only 5% was accessible when I noticed a turn off down the back side where the Wooodlands Athletic Club(WAC) used to be. They have leveled it along with an apartment building that used to front the lake. Driving through a parking lot that has seemingly been placed in the middle of nowhere I went through two open fences and parked about 10 yards from the west end of the bank. Here the lake seemed a little deeper and had a fair number of cypress trees and other vegetation. I ran into a local who suggested that there were some huge bass in this lake and come spring the bank would be lined with fisherman. He was not sure what the status of the property was on this side of the lake but noted that a developer had purchased the property, torn everything down, and then stopped because of the economy.

I spent about 45 minutes here around 3:00pm, throwing a 6 inch plastic worm and did not get any bites. There is a small trail around the bank and then it starts getting overgrown as you work your way west. There also seems to be brush piles, vegetation or rocks along the bottom about 10-20 feet from the bank.

A couple of police officers pulled up while I was fishing but did not seem to have a problem with me being there and did not say anything as I left so I assume I was not trespassing(no signs).

Had better luck here past or present? Let us know!