Timberloch Lake

Updated: 2/10/2013

This body of water is technically named "Lake Covey" and is actually a private lake/pond. Despite the fact that it is technically private I have not heard of anyone getting in trouble for fishing here. It is probably better to fish this lake on the weekends as it is surrounded by executive offices and may be difficult to access during the week. This is one of the larger bodies of water in The Woodlands, but appears to be very shallow in some places. Six to eight feet off the bank it is only about 12-18 inches deep. There was also a carp cruising around the lake like shark and lazily working the surface back and forth with its dorsal and tail fin. I am guessing that the majority of this lake is perhaps 3-4 feet deep in the middle sections. There is quite a bit of vegetation about 10-15 feet offshore as well as a few reeds here and there around the lake.

A fly fisherman I ran into said the lake has Bass, catfish and various perch. Another passerby suggested that there was an extraordinarily large cat fish prowling the lake as well. I got a few taps on a 10 inch plastic worm and a Rapala minnow but these seemed pretty small, most likely perch. Surprisingly I did not see a lot of turtles around which is rare for The Woodlands. Perhaps the first 58 degree day in a long time had something to do with it.

Have you had better luck here?