Shadowpoint Pond

Initial Post 9/30/2009

Here is yet another pond tucked away in The Woodlands, Texas. This pond is interesting as it serves as a backyard to several houses, though, unlike some other neighborhoods, you can access the entire pond. Given the proximity to the houses, this is probably not a good spot to bring the kids or fish when it is dark. Please do your best to avoid looking directly into the peoples homes or leave any trash around while fishing . I would hate to see this pond suddenly turn private like some of the others.

Shadowpoint pond is medium sized and you can access just about all sections of the pond from the bank. There is a small island on the North end and it seems to get a little shallow on the North side. The island has a significant amount of overhanging brush and it seemed as through there were some downed trees or brush piles just to the north side of the island. Soon after I arrived around 6:30pm and started fishing, I heard and saw two breaches on the south end of the pond right above the 2 small humps which protrude out into the water. I ended up heading over and throwing a dark purple 6 inch plastic worm with a bright pink tail. I was casting out towards the center but actually got my first hit about 3 feet offshore where there appears to be a 3-6 foot band of moss growing around the lake. My first fish was a 13 inch bass perhaps 1 to 1 1/2 pounds and is the first fish shown in the pics above. After releasing the little guy I headed over to the second hump and about 10 feet off shore hooked one of the larger bass about 10 feet offshore using the same worm. This guy was one of the bigger bass I have pulled out of the woodlands. I am guessing he was over 3lbs and around 15 inches. The pictures were probably taken a little to close up. In one picture, it appears as though there may have been a crayfish lurking in the weeds as I reeled this guy in. As shown in the pics this pond has some big bass in it. I saw a lot of baitfish on the north end as well but did not see too many bluegill. Even the turtle population seemed somewhat constrained for a woodlands pond. I did not have time to try a crankbait but based on the top water breaches I assume they would work well. As far as fly fishing goes, there does not appear to be a lot of room to cast(based on my understanding of how it works) because of the proximity to peoples backyards. In some cases there is only about 12-18 inches between the water and a home's backyard fence.