Posted 2/10/2013

This is surprisingly one of the most fished and talked about spots in the woodlands. I am not sure why but people talk about it when it is flowing and you will almost always see at least one person fishing here over the weekend. Bass and crappie can found here along with perch and bait fish. I have seen a number of people throwing cast-nets here which sort of takes the fun out of it(unless you are grabbing bait to fish the other side.). From the spill way you can reach the other side of the damn which is Bear Branch Reservoir. Be advised that getting caught on the damn itself is a ticket if you are caught. I have fished here quite a bit and never had a problem but The Woodlands rangers mentioned this is an easy ticket. Also note this body of water(and damn) is managed by the San Jacinto River Authority and not The Woodlands.