Alden Bridge Pond

Alden Bridge pond is one of the more scenic and landscaped ponds I have come across so far. In fact there are actually two ponds, upper and lower, separated by by a spill way next to the bridge. This is a great pond to bring the kids as there are a ton of bluegill and a nice park nearby in case they get bored. There is also a picnic shelter and BBQ 10 to 20 yards from the ponds edge. There were quite a few fisherman here on a Sunday and in general the area seems quite popular.

The upper pond has a fairly deep middle which becomes very shallow on the western side of the pond by the island. The western side has a significant amount of structure in the form of weeds and overhanging vegetation but it is only 1-2 feet deep. I believe there is a sunken tree on the south side of the upper pond by the picnic shelter. You can just see a limb poking about 2 inches out the water and when fishing a plastic worm you can feel the worm working its way through the underwater structure. Surprisingly given the age, size, and structure in this pond it would appear to be loaded with fish. All I saw were a lot of bluegill and perhaps a fingerling bass here and there. I did not get a single hit between 5:00pm and 7:00pm which is rare(not even a turtle!). I tried both 6inch plastic worms (1 green, 1 dark purple) and crank bait. A fisherman packing up when we arrived said he had caught some bass and bluegill using live night crawlers. I also came across a post on Texas Fishing Forums which suggested this pond was a good spot for catfish.

Any luck here? Post a comment!