Copper Sage Pond

Initial Post 9/8/2009

Copper Sage Pond can be found off Kuykendahl Rd and Lake Woodlands not too far from the Kuykendahl Retention pond. This pond is hidden away in a small neighborhood like so many others in The Woodlands. I was lucky enough to find this one using Google Maps. I was surprised by the accessibility of this pond. The area around the pond is well landscaped and maintained. There are various plant species within the lake but for the most part the reeds have been confined to the north end of the lake with some smaller reeds on the east bank. This appears to provide an excellent shelter for bait fish, however, does not get in the way of a cast.

At first glance, you may be surprised at how shallow the pond is. It is perhaps 1-2 feet deep 3-5 feet offshore and very clear. Given the depth, summer temperatures, and time of day(6:00pm), I was not sure I was going to find much. I tried throwing a small Rapala "Original Floater" crank bait and also a 6 inch purple worm with a pink tail(Need to work on retaining tackle names). I did not see any surface action or receive any bites on the crank bait. I did get a few substantial bites on the plastic worm but was unable to get the hook set. I am unsure if these were fish or turtles. I ran into a couple of guys fishing(sorry forget the names already) and watched them land a few small 8-10 in. Large-mouth Bass. One of the gentleman was a local and fished several of the ponds. He hadn't had much luck here in the past but hooked two small bass on a Texas Rigged Senko Worm. ( It was his understanding that their were some good sized bass taken from this pond along with catfish. Because of this pond's long rectangle shape, I had little problem reaching what would seem to be the deeper sections of the lake. The few hits I had and the fish I saw caught were off of the points on the west bank.

To entertain the kids this pond appears to have a vibrant bluegill population over by the bench seats. Drop anything in the water and they come running. The bluegill all appear to be on the small side but kids typically do not care.