Spindle Tree Ponds

Initial Post: 07/10/2011

Finally, The Woodlands developers seem to be putting a little more effort in the new ponds. Compared to some of the recent holes in the ground this pond(s) has some character. This is one of the few ponds in The Woodlands which is stream fed which allows it to to maintain depth during the drought. Looking on google maps it appears as if this is really a drainage basin that they put grass around. Spindle Tree actually consists of 2 ponds one on the north side of branch crossing and one on the south. Given the drainage characteristics and bulkheads on both sides, I am certain that these ponds are connected by pipes under the road. Unlike many neighborhood ponds, these are deep. I estimate between 12-14ft by the bulkheads. The vegetation on these ponds, particularly on the north end has taken off, with healthy reeds for bait fish to hide in and underwater vegetation for ambush.

On the north side of the pond it is perhaps 6-12 inches from the spillway for about 15 feet from the bank and then appears to drop off to around 3-4ft. There appears to be a gradual slope to the bulkhead down around 12-14ft deep. The south side of the pond appears to be a little shallower on the south side and leads to a drainage canal. The bulkhead on the south side is about 10-12 feet deep.

Back in April I had just about given up on this pond containing bass and was admiring my black and red jig in about a 1ft from the bank. As I was sitting there playing with the jig, there was a subtle movement and it just disappeared. It took me a second or two to realize it had just been inhaled by a fairly large bass (no splashing or anything), once over my shock I went to set to the hook and learned an interesting lesson. Setting a hook with 18 inches of line out(I was simply dancing it on the bank) does not work to well. The rod simply doubled over and the bass took off. He went back and forth a couple of times showing off, took aim at my head, and then threw my jig back. I would say he was around 2lbs maybe bigger, I never did get him out of the water which is hard to believe as there was not much line to real in. Bass confirmed!

Park Amenities: Nada, not even a trash can.

Fish Population: Bass, Perch and Catfish(?)

Let us know what you have caught here!