Cypress Lake

Initial Post 10/8/2009 Location: 7250 Alen Bridge Drive, 77382

This is large pond acquired in 1997 and located in the Northwest corner(back) of the Woodlands, just past Alden Bridge Pond. There is a path and trash cans around the lake but no other amenities. This pond has a significant amount of vegetation along the sides which can make casting in some places, a bit of a challenge, bring your flipping stick. There are a number of overhanging trees and an natural island on the southern end of the pond. The island also has a lot overhanging trees and in one case what looks like a pine tree in the water. I only had an hour to fish this pond in the late (HOT) evening, but I did get some pretty good taps on the south side of the island by the downed tree. Unfortunately, I was unable to set the hook and pull anything out. I ran into one fisherman who was telling me there are some good sized bass, around 8-9lbs, within the lake. He had a picture of 9lb bass he had caught and released back into the lake, hopefully, he finds us and posts his picture. Based on his comment and others it sounds as if the southern tip of this lake is the place to be, the trick is finding an opening to cast. The lake opens up on the western side and provides an open area to cast around vegetation There is a house on the northern end which has gated off perhaps 5% of the northern tip. I need to get back here in the morning and fish those overhangs.

Had better luck?