Mystic Lake

Initial Post 10/6/2009

Hit this pond on a quick lunch outing today. This is a fairly large pond with a peninsula which stretches across almost the entire length of the pond. The pond is very clear and surrounded by trees and unique features, I have not seen in other ponds. The peninsula and waterfall setup is one of these features. There are also some large Koi fish prowling the shoreline, and some interesting submerged sandbars or rocks about 10 feet off the peninsula. I tried a few quick casts with a mini torpedo which didn't result in anything, which is not to surprising given the heat today and fishing around noon. I moved on to a 10 inch purple worm and fished on the north side of the peninsula which was relatively shaded. I was hit twice, one them was like a freight train and snapped my line. Note to self: when you are putting a new worm on your hook and the knot appears to be a little discolored and worn, it is probably a great time to retie it!

Parking here is not the greatest but there is a bit of a shoulder on Cochrans crossing. In general this pond has some aggressive bluegill, and probably a bass with a 10 inch worm and 2/0 offset hook hanging out of its mouth. Overall I like the layout of the pond and will be back!

Have you had better luck here?