Entry Lake Park

Initial Post 10/10/2009 Location : 53 S. Copper Sage Circle, 77381 Year Built: 1990

This is one of the smallest and most visible ponds in The Woodlands, located at the corner of Woodlands Parkway and Cochran's Crossing. On any given weekend you will almost always see somebody fishing here. I have only fished here once and did not get a single tap. The pond is small enough where you can reach the center of the pond from just about any location. I typically see people fishing for cats here. The reeds and vegetation can be thick along the banks in some places as well. It appears to me that this pond experiences a turn over or some type of drainage issue when it rains. It was somewhat clear 4 weeks ago, but as the pictures above show it was very muddy with zero visibility. Can't imagine the fishing would be very good here until it settles.