Deepdale Pond

Initial Post 10/24/2009

This is a medium sized pond located at 7500 N. Windvale Circle 77382. The pond was built around 2002 and only contains a few benches, the typical viewing area(cement slab with gate/bench) and trash cans(please use them!). The pond does not have a designated parking lot so you will need to park on the street. I chose the side street on the east side of the pond which is wide by woodlands standards. The south and east side of the pond are landscaped and easily accessible. the North and west side of the pond get a little overgrown and force the fisherman to bushwhack a little bit to find a spot. I suspect some spots may be a little easier to get to in the winter time. The pond seems fairly deep with brush and trees on the north side. The pond is somewhat narrow and wraps around like a bracket [ . I did not have too much difficulty casting across the pond to the other bank and working a Texas rigged worm back. It felt as if there was some pretty good structure in the form of branches and trees of the North bank. The south side is relatively flat and shallow without much aquatic vegetation.

The Pond contains catfish(A LOT), Bass, and perch. A local passing buy mentioned that he has seen 5-6lb bass coming out of this pond but that activity slowed significantly with the summer heat wave.