Kuykendahl Retention Pond

The Kuykendahl Retention pond(for lack of a better name) contains bass, crappie, bluegill and catfish. It is a popular location for fly fishing, and on any given weekend you will see 3-4 fisherman with hip-waders and fly gear going at it. I unfortunately have not had much luck here other than a couple of small bass on plastic worms. I spoke to one fisherman who was having some luck on a 10 inch black and purple plastic worm. Most of the fishing appears to take place on the deeper eastern side of the lake between 2 drainage outlets. The rest of the pond is covered in reeds and is apparently very shallow. There is a significant amount of moss on the bottom of this pond which makes fishing worms a little tricky. Perhaps a Carolina rig or larger bait that can punch through is the way to go. While I was here there was a fair amount of top water action on the eastern side and a hawk overhead seemed to be having a good day as he plunged into the water and came out with a small fish.

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