Mitchell Lake

Initial Post: 07/10/2011

I made up the name for this lake but it seems appropriate. It was either that or "The Woodlands Swamp". This place makes Lake Bedias look managed and tame. Entrance sign at the kayak launch says it all:

You are entering a natural environment. Please be alert! Take caution to keep away from wildlife that may include poisonous snakes, alligators wild hogs, coyotes, bees, ticks as well as poisonous plants such as poison ivy or poison oak.

I only made it to the kayak launch. Pictures above showing boats, water and fish were borrowed from our friends at Texas Kayak Fisherman who apparently discovered this body of water way back in 2008. Looking at the satellite view of Google maps, I thought this was part of spring creek but apparently it is a cut off oxbow lake(always wondered what this was). More information on the history of this area can be found here:

From the launch, the water looks to be a lot lower than the TKF pics form 2008 above, and very swampy. The satellite view on google maps suggests this lake could be huge in a wet year. Unfortunately, I really could not tell how deep it was or how far a boat could make it down the channel. I am looking forward to getting a kayak of my own to check this place out, hopefully we get some needed rain soon. The launch is a 15 foot dock held in place by a couple of poles driven into the mud. I do not see how any thing bigger than a kayak or canoe could be dropped in here. There is no launch ramp.

Getting Here:

From Woodlands Parkway and Gosling take Gosling south to the Creekside Village entrance on Creekside Forest Drive and make a right. Drive down about a 1/4 mile while looking on the right hand side and you will see a "Kayak Launch" sign and a dirt road. Take a right down the dirt road and follow it until you see an official looking sign (pictured above). Note: If there has recently been a significant amount of rain the dirt road may be impassible without 4 wheel drive.

Park Amenities: If you are in trouble dial 1-800-you-r-on-your-own

Fish Population: Bass, Perch, Crappie confirmed. Likely gar, drum, bowfin, and The Woodlands Swamp monster ....

Have any of you made it here yet? Let us know!