South Shore Park and Dam

Initial Post: 1/17/2010 Park Acquired 1987

Located on the south end of Lake Woodlands, Southshore park has to be one of the most recognizable spots in The Woodlands. Ask your children where the "Dragon" in the lake is and they will bring you here. In the 5+ years I have lived in the Woodlands and passed this location I have never stopped on Woodlands Parkway and walked over to this park much less tried to fish it. Looking the lake the park can be divided into three sections. On the far left side is a cove with houses . A gate on the left side prevents you from fishing in front of the houses, but with a good cast you can get out to the middle of the cove. In the middle of the park you can't miss the island, tower, bridge and the famous dragon. On the right side of the park you will encounter a fence which protects the damn. If you park on the other side of Woodlands Parkway it appears as though you can reach the spillway. On any given day you will find several varieties of water fowl looking over the spillway and the south end of the lake.

The park has a large lawn with several benches and manicured bank to fish from. Although, I do not fly fish it seems to me there is plenty of room for casting here. Today the wind was blowing fairly strong out of the North which made it difficult to cast far without significant weight.

Based on comments on this site and other forums it is my understanding that their are brush piles in front of the damn and on the right side of the park. The Dragon also provides some structure. While under the bridge at Northshore park is the spot for catfish, southshore park is known(based on forum posts) for white bass, crappie, bass, and gar. I am sure various perch(bluegill-sunfish) are nearby as well. I have read somewhere that fishing a rooster tail or small spinner in and around the dam is good for the white bass. I could see how fishing in front of the dam by boat would be advantageous.

While I was here today I fished with live night crawlers on the bottom, and threw a rattle trap and 6 inch dark purple plastic worm. Most of my casts were in and around the dragon and as far out as I could get in front of the dam. I was only able to fish for about 45 minutes but was lucky enough to catch a good sized channel catfish on a live night crawler. I caught him about 1-2 feet off the dragon on the bottom.

Have any fish stories for Southshore? Let us know!