Bear Branch Pond

Initial Post: 10/23/2009

Bear Branch Pond is located at 5205 Research Forest Drive, 77381. If your kids play RUSH soccer then you have likely have already been here. The pond is located in a wooded area behind the soccer fields. This wooded area also hosts a pretty challenging Frisbee Golf course. The pond is located in a flood plain and does not appear to be under managed landscaping or regular upkeep. There is a dock and a bench here but the weeds have grown up fairly high in front of the bench. I did not have time to fish here on my visit(in between quarters of soccer) but it could be difficult making clean cast from the bank due to the reeds, shrubs and trees that surround the pond. The dock at the south end offers a good platform to fish from and because the pond is small you may be able to reach most of the pond from the dock. The north end of the pond had a significant amount of vegetation growing 10-12 feet out into the water. This looked like a pretty good spot to drop a weedless bait. The vegetation appeared to be aquatic, but it may simply be weeds which started to go as the lake retreated in the summer and are now inundated do to the rains. Walking around the lake there is evidence that people are fishing here in the form of line hanging from trees and grasses along the bank being matted down. If you have caught anything here please tell us about it!