Tamarac Pond

Initial Post 10/13/2009

I have only fished here once about 3 weeks ago. At the time I did not realize there were actually 2 ponds here. One at the north end of Tamarac poark and one by the park parking lot. I came in through the shell station on a weekend and parked. I recommend using the park parking lot as there are several tow-a-way signs associated with the nearby buildings. The large pond on the north end sits right next to Woodlands Parkway. The larger pond is shaped like an elliptical doughnut with an island in the center. The south-end of the pond is rather shallow and did not produce any hits. I caught one bass by one of the bridges that cross over the shallow channels. The other one was caught in shallow water under an overhanging tree by Woodlands Parkway. It can be a little challenging working through the bush to get to woodlands parkway especially after a good rain. Both bass were caught on a 2 inch Rapala minnow. Attempts to fish the lily pads with a plastic worm did not yield any fish.

The second pond on the south end of the park is pretty small. I did see a 6-8 inch bass, perch and minnows hanging out under the dock structure but other than that I am not sure what is in here.

Had better luck?