Terrace Mill Pond

Initial Post: 10/25/2009

Terrace Mill is a small pond located at 13 Forest Steppes Court 77382. It has been completely landscaped and is surrounded by grass and the occasional bush or small tree. The pond is relatively new to the woodlands and was likely established in 2007-2008. I ran into a local family fishing from the pond landing and they mentioned that bass and perch can be found in the pond. Apparently catfish were left out. The family had some luck using night crawlers and plastic creature baits(water dogs). There does not appear to be very much structure(or personality) to this pond and it is unfortunate that the newer ponds appear to be taking on this minimalist approach. I am hopeful that as the years go by, perhaps this pond will and the vegetation surrounding it will mature and take on a more natural setting. The ponds small size and landscaped features do offer an excellent location to practice your fly casting.

Amenities: 2 park benches

Population: Bass and Perch

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