Somerset Pond

Initial Post: 10/14/2009 Location: 27 Somerset Pond Place, 77381 Established: 1997

Somerset pond is tucked into a small custom neighborhood off Lake Woodlands Drive. Their are two ponds here separated by a road. The pond on the golf course is clearly marked "NO FISHING" and is off limits. The other larger pond is surrounded by houses and interspersed with various types of overhanging trees. Parking is limited to the street and there are no other amenities here. You are essentially fishing in peoples back yard, I do not recommend fishing here too early or too late and avoid looking into peoples homes. Navigating around the pond proved tricky as the bank can be steep in places. There are also half-buried stumps here and there that are easy to trip over. I spent about 30 minutes fishing a 6 inch dark purple plastic worm. The only bites I got were mosquito bites. Given the fact that this pond is over 12 years old and surrounded by homes this is the last place I would expect to see a snake, yet on my way out there he was hanging out on the edge. Looked like a harmless ribbon or water snake and he bolted into the water as soon as I walked by. I am glad he bolted because I would not have seen him otherwise.

Have you had better luck or taken a picture of this pond's resident snake? Please share!