Pastoral Pond

Pastoral Pond is located off of Red Sable Dr in Grogans Point at 105 Red Sable Drive, 77380. The pond/park was established in 1993. Pastoral Pond is a elongated shaped pond with island on the north east side. There is a near constant weed line extended as far out as 5 feet along the shore edge that provide good cover for fish to hide. You will also find various trees and bushes at points along the ponds edge. The pond is the typical layout of shallow on the side and deep in the middle with some small structure to work off of. You will be able to fish all points of the pond with good room for casting, though might be tight for those wanting to use a fly rod. For those with kids there is a concrete fish pad with two benches and the sides of the pond are mowed on a regular basis. Houses line the pond so please remember to avoid staring in to back yards or houses and please pick up any trash that you have. There is no designated parking area so you will have to park on the side of the road, please try not to block pathways.


Concrete fishing pad

Three Bench's

Known Fish Species:





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