Clover Pond

Clover Pond is located at 178 N. Mill Trace Drive, 77381 and was established in 1991. This park is separated in two areas one is the pavilion area which is located at 200 N. Mill Trace and the pond is at 178 N. Mill Trace; so most of the amenities are located at the pavilion area. At the actual pond you will have to park along side the road because there is no designated parking here. Trees and bushes are all around the pond to provide good cover for fish to hide; and there is also very ample casting room so the pond is fly rod friendly. You will also find old christmas trees all around pond just off the waters edge, these also will provide good cover for fish to hide. The pond layout also allows for you to be able to fish all around the pond.

Park Amenities:

• 16' x 9' pavilion

• Four parking spaces

• Fishing pond

• Two picnic tables

• One barbecue pit

• Play areas

Fish Species:




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