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"If fishing was easy they would call it catching" ~ Unknown

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Special thanks to the following contributors who have made this site what it is today: khagen, beaker151, bwalls,bassman,mch4fishing,chuco, ETA, and postoak.

The Woodlands, Texas is a large and fast growing community about 28 miles North of downtown, Houston. The community has been developed under a master plan which encourages integration with nature. Throughout The Woodlands one can find numerous pools, parks, lakes and ponds for use by residents and visitors.

Are There Any Fish In Here?

Yes there are! Every body of water listed on the left has various species of bream (blue-gill, sunfish). Bass and catfish can also be found in most ponds. For the adventurous there are also ponds and lakes where one can find gar, drum, carp, bowfin, and the occasional aquarium fish.

On the left hand side, you will find a listing of Woodlands lakes and ponds that have been identified. Each listing will contain a basic description of the area, assumed fish population, map, photos and fishing tips for this particular lake or pond. At the bottom of each listing you can find a section to add comments and attachments(typically photos) regarding your exploits. The comments section allows readers to share their individual experiences and knowledge regarding each location and hopefully improve everyone's fishing experience. You are encouraged to post any relevant information regarding condition of the pond, fishing success or failure, pictures, tackle used, and reply to others comments. Due to a recent update to Disqus commenting system you will need to provide an e-mail address to post but these are not stored on this site.

Things you should consider

    1. All ponds and lakes with the exception of Bear Branch Reservoir and Lake Woodlands are "Catch and Release". This means that if you are fishing in Lake Woodlands or Bear Branch Reservoir you can keep what you catch. If you fish any other lake or pond you must return your fish after removing the hook, taking pictures, and showing grandma and grandpa.

    2. Follow the principal of "Leave No Trace". Place your trash (worm boxes, beer bottles, tackle packaging, used fishing line, bait bags) in a trash can. If a trashcan is unavailable please take your garbage with you when you leave. A small number of ponds are now inaccessible because residents have erected gates (likely illegally) to reduce traffic and trash left by fellow anglers.

    3. Bear Branch Reservoir requires a fishing license and is patrolled by a game warden. Kuykendahl Retention Pond, Bedias Lake and a couple of other ponds which are not managed by The Woodlands community might require a license as well.

    4. While there is a fair amount of ribbing, joking, and the occasional disagreement on this site; harassment, flame wars, derogatory posts, or anything remotely perceived as offensive will be deleted and the user will likely be banned.

    5. We are all here to have more fun, catch fish, and showcase our exploits.

Where should you start?

You may want to start out on the Fish Report page to find out where the latest action is, or use the Fish by Map page to find the closest ponds to you. Looking for a particular type of fish? Then take a look at The Woodlands one and only Fish Matrix, brought to you by the many local anglers who have reported in. Be sure to return the favor and good luck!